is a challenge

We research and develop new solutions



There is no quality without innovation. There is no innovation without passion.

Being proud of our products is the reason why we consistently invest in research and development. Innovation and strict quality control guarantee our consumers a product they can trust.

By their very nature, our products are at the service of consumers to protect their well-being, dignity and peace of mind. This is why our commitment is to always guarantee effectiveness and safety.

Evolution is transformation

We have patented a technological sanitisation process that eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi during production.

We have called SANIPARM this process that makes our products safer.



In search of the best solutions

In our laboratories, researchers and technicians are busy devising, testing and developing modern solutions, which translate not only into innovative products in terms of materials, comfort and performance, but also new production processes that reduce waste and maximise environmental sustainability.



Quality is our starting point

Our in-house laboratory is our flagship; equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, it allows us to select the best raw materials after they have been carefully analysed and tested.
For each production batch, we measure as many as 15 variables to guarantee the consumer high standards of quality and performance of our products.

Parmon boasts several certifications:

ISO 9001:2015, BRCGS® Consumer Products, FSC® C114295

Blue Angel (The German Ecolabel), Dermatest®