Sustainability is our priority



Today, not only do consumers demand product performance, but also a firm commitment of producers to protect the environment.

The commitment to environmental protection that consumers demand of us today is not about the future but about the present time. Products made from natural raw materials, certified cellulose, reduction in the use of plastic, non-polluting production processes, use of electricity from renewable sources, and much more have already become contents of our products on a par with their more explicitly technical quality.

Sustainability is concrete: here are the 6 actions of our Green Policy.

Zero water consumption

 Our products do not require water for their manufacture.

Solar energy

Our photovoltaic system produces more than 50 per cent of the energy needed for production.

Less CO2

We use smoke-free technology and, thanks to the photovoltaic energy we produce, we save over 700 tons of CO2 per year.

Sustainable packaging

We design sustainable primary and secondary packaging solutions, optimising formats and using recyclable materials.

Integrated transport

Our production site is adjacent to important rail and port hubs. This allows us to complement road transport with sea and rail transport.

Natural raw materials

When selecting the raw and semi-finished materials we use for our products, we pay attention to their origin and composition: Nature first. Without compromising on quality and performance.

Ecological choices
build our future.