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Cottonline nappies take care of what you hold most dear.

Made of soft cotton, they offer all the gentleness you want for your baby's skin.

Napper nappies are among our most popular products with consumers for their high performance in comfort and absorbency and their ability to keep baby's skin dry. Also under the Napper brand, we produce a range of wet wipes and cotton sticks.

Napper disposable surgical masks have a perfect fit on children's faces.

They are made of high-quality materials and three layers of protection, and feature a reinforced structure suitable for the lively days of the little ones.
They have a filtering power of >95% and are classified as Type I in accordance with EN 14683:2019.

The right balance between quality and price

Soffio represents an affordable alternative in which Parmon quality is combined with competitive retail prices. The unique features of perfect wearability, triple-layer absorbency, soft and breathable fabric, and maximum hold against spills remain unchanged.

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