The Parmon story began thirty years ago in 1986, when a successful corporate group working in other sectors since the 1950s, decided to diversify.

Projects and ambitions soon grew.

Activities began when the historic Misterbianco plant was established, manufacturing the “Mister Pan” nappy and “Gaia” sanitary pads: our first inroads into this difficult and highly competitive market.

Pivotal moments in our development:

– in 2003: the new Belpasso plant was completed and opened. This was better equipped in terms of dimensions and functionality for sustaining the developments that were soon to come;

– in 2011: the company set its sights and focused its investment on European commercial expansion.

These remain enduring goals and investments that motivate the Parmon management each day.

Per informazioni sulla nostra produzione di mascherine chirurgiche

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For information on our surgical masks production,

contact only via email: mascherine@parmon.it